About Us

Its not a secret that we all want to be loved, and we dream of meeting that person who will become our friend and our support, a person who will paint our world in bright colors, a person who deserves our most sincere feelings.

Have you ever thought that your second part may live in a different country, thousands of miles away, and just like you be looking for his or her love?!

There are many dating sites today, but our site "Meetmeuz" is oriented for serious relationships with the goal of building a family. Many of our fellow countrymen live in different parts of world and many of them are looking to find their second half from their same homeland.

Brides from Central Asia always were known for their unique beauty, about which many poets wrote in their poems. But the main quality of Central Asian beauties is the special inside beautifulness, gentleness of character, patience, softness and generosity of the soul.

Central Asian men were always famous for their wisdom and strength. The biggest advantage for women in having a Central Asian man is his high level of responsibility for his family and his women. These men's morals are the same as the men of ancient times: the man is the bread-winner and protector.

On our website you will find many natives of Central Asia, who today live in different parts of the world. That is why we made this site: to help people find their soul mates.

We wish you luck! We are happy to be a part of building your own family!

You can contact us at meetmeuz2017@gmail.com