Website Rules


1. Site "Meetmeuz" for persons 18 years of age and older. By registering, you confirm that you do not go beyond these age limits.

2. A profile on the site is created exclusively for your personal use. Your login and password for personal access to the site should not be disclosed or transferred to third parties.

3. It is forbidden to add photos that contradict the rules.

4. You agree not to share any contact information (e-mail, links to your profiles in social networks, phone numbers, etc.) with other users on this site, as well as links to other Internet resources.

5. It is strictly forbidden to offer in the text of the questionnaire, as well as in correspondence, any paid services, including those of an intimate nature.

6. It is forbidden to use the Meetmeuz service for any kind of advertising of goods and services.

7. It is prohibited to use in the text of the questionnaire an obscene form in an explicit or veiled form, as well as direct or indirect statements that may incite hatred or may be regarded as discriminatory on ethnic, gender and other grounds.

8. You assume all risks associated with the use of materials, information, goods and services obtained using this service. The Meetmeuz administration is not responsible for the content of profiles and actions of users of the Meetmeuz service.

9. You agree not to use Meetmeuz to perform any actions contrary to the law.

10. When choosing a nickname, keep in mind that profanity (explicit or veiled swearing), provocations, and the indication of various sexual fantasies are not allowed for registration.

11. "Meetmeuz" administration reserves the right to hide from the tops and ratings, temporarily block or delete profiles containing not your real photos, personal data (gender, age, etc.)

12. "Meetmeuz" administration reserves the right to hide from the tops, from the list of profiles, edit or delete any profile, as well as delete and edit any user records without notifying the user and explaining the reasons.

13. The Meetmeuz administration does not bear any responsibility for possible interruptions in the provision of the service and reserves the right to change the above conditions. In this case, they will be published on this page of the site.

14. The Meetmeuz administration undertakes to never, under any circumstances, transfer e-mail addresses to third parties, as well as other private information specified by the user and / or received by the server in the course of work, except as otherwise provided by law.


1. The publication of other people's photos is prohibited. If the moderator doubts the authenticity of the photo, it will be rejected. Also, the moderator has the right to ask you to prove that the photo is really yours.

2. The avatar must have a personal photo of the user by which he can be identified.

3. Prohibited are photographs that do not contain the user's image, as well as pictures that are photographs.


-children's photographs or photographs that do not correspond to the real age of the user;

-any photo collages and funny photos;

-photo depicting individual parts of the body;

-Photos in which the user's face is hidden (hair, mask, helmet, scarf, etc.) or left off-screen;

-photo on which or in the signature to which obscene language, addresses and logos of other sites (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.), contact information (phone number, e-mail). An exception is the author's signature or the logo of the photographer;

- a photo of poor quality or too small images, a photo with an illegible, distorted or not vertically rotated image; duplicates of the same photo;

5. When adding group photos, it is necessary to make an explanatory signature indicating exactly where the owner of the profile is in the group photo. Group photos without a signature will be rejected by the moderator. If the album contains only a group photo, the user must be clearly recognizable on the avatar.

6. Photographs of pornographic content, which depict genitals or sexual intercourse, are prohibited.

For systematic violation of the rules for posting photos, the user's profile will be temporarily blocked until changes are made.



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